When it comes to protecting the bed of your truck, there’s nothing better than Leer truck caps and tonneau covers. Truck caps and tonneau covers keep your truck bed and cargo dry and secure, while enhancing the appearance of your vehicle. But the type of cover you choose depends on how you use your truck.

Truck Caps

Truck caps offer a number of advantages to your truck. Truck caps add storage space to your truck. They’re a great addition to your truck if you work construction, as they provide coverage for your tools without limiting your storage space. They also offer the option to add roof racks for transporting ladders or adding built-in toolboxes to the interior.

Truck caps are also a great choice if you’re outdoorsy and use your truck for camping or hunting. They provide a covered sleeping area, and the truck cap is perfect when it comes to weather protection. 

Truck caps are often painted to match the colour of your truck, so that they look like an original part of your truck. They come in a number of different materials, including fibreglass and aluminum, depending on your needs. You could even tint the windows for added privacy and storage security.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers come in a wide range of materials for different uses. Hard covers, often made out of fibreglass, add a sleek look to your truck and are incredibly durable against weather. They can be locked securely to protect all of the items in your truck.

Tonneau covers also come in canvas materials, which can be easily removed and stored, but they cannot be locked.

Whichever type of tonneau cover you choose, having a tonneau cover can improve your truck’s gas mileage due to their ability to improve your truck’s aerodynamics.

If you’re still not sure which cover to choose, find out which Leer cover fits your truck, or contact Go! Glass!